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Board of Directors


Board of Directors

President: Mr. Vassilis Regouzas, President & Managing Director STOCHASIS SA
1st Vicepresident: Mr. Lambros Tsolkas, Vice President Accenture S.A.
2nd Vicepresident: Ms. Cathy Christidou, Vice President & Managing Director BPM SA
General Secretary: Mr. Fotis Benekos, Managing Director TECMOR SA
Treasurer: Mr. Alexandros Kalomiros, General Director S.M.R. Consultants
Dep. General Secretary: Ms. Natasa Koumpourelou, Senior Manager EY
Member: Mr. George Raounas, General Director KPMG SA
Member: Mr. Leonidas Papaioannou, Senior Manager PwC Business Solutions SA
Member: Mr. Panagiotis Andrianopoulos, President & Managing Director PLANNING SA
Associate Member: Mr. Konstantinos Tsiakataras, Dep. Managing Director DIADIKASIA SA
Associate Member: Mr. Antonis Kaplanis, Vice President & General Director NOISIS SA
Associate Member: Mr. Stefanos Papastefanatos, Senior Manager & Vice President REMACO SA

According to the decision of the General Assembly of 2009, in the Board of Director participates ex officio the President of the Hellenic Management Consulting Association. In this BoD participates Ms. Konstantina Orfanidou, Managing Director K & O Advisory S.A., who has been elected President of ELESMA until March 2018 .

Advisory Committee (the consulting body which supports the operation of the Board of Directors)

Coordinator:  Ms. Calliope Mastora, Financial Manager EUROPEAN PROFILES SA
Dep. Coordinator: Mr. Ioannis Mavrogiannis, President & Managing Director ANELIXIS Developemnt Consultants SA
Member:  Mr. Nikolaos Papadopoulos, President & Managing Director ADVICE Management Consultants SA
Member:  Mr. Dimitris Skoutaris, Managing Partner DEFINE Solutions Ltd
Member: Mr. George Stogias, President & Managing Director NESTOR Consulting SA

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