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GMCCI Indicator

Greek Management Consultants Confidence Index - GMCCI

  • Monday, 06 June 2016

SESMA’s main goals are the development and expansion of the management consulting market in Greece and abroad, and the enhancement of the reliability and the added value of management consulting services and the business support both to the private and public sector. In that respect SESMA created a new index called Greek Management Consultants Confidence Index (GMCCI) which surveys the views and expectations of the managing directors of the member – firms of SESMA regarding the course of the key financial figures and the key productive factors during the following year, as well as the main impediments to business development in Greece.

Management consultants – SESMA members - due to their involvement with different sectors and aspects of the economy, have a broad and clear view of the current economic and business climate.

Surveys take place quarterly and their results are published each April, July, October and January.


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